Fast Track Program

Learn skills and systems that have been proven to get your Mortgage Broking business up and running quickly

Rather than any specific course, the program is very flexible and designed to meet your individual learning needs.

You will learn HOW TO:

  • Obtain your industry and lender accreditations
  • Meet ongoing educational requirements (Continuing Professional Development)
  • Write your Mortgage Broking Business Plan
  • Set up your Business Systems and Support Structures
  • Manage issues and queries regarding business management, lending and finance broking
  • Prospect and Promote your Business
  • Research, Compare and Explain Home Loan Options
  • Conduct Finance Interviews
  • Write Home Loans & Asset Finance
  • Step out of your comfort zone and maximise your earning potential

You will receive ALL the support you need:

  • Access hundreds of downloadable tools, checklists, and tips
  • Participation in our monthly Workshops
  • Participation in our other events
  • We help you prepare for your finance interviews
  • We check your home loan applications for compliance
  • Advice on all aspects of compliance and risk including but not limited to AML/CTF, Know Your Customer and NCCP
  • Membership of the closed Facebook group
  • Access to your Mentor Monday-Saturday from 8am to 8pm (face to face, phone, email, Skype or Teamviewer)

An initial 1 on 1, face to face meeting at your workplace is designed to ensure you are correctly set up for success. This may be done via a Zoom (similar to Skype) meeting if you are remotely located.

This is followed by monthly Professional Development Days with no more than 12 Mentees in a group. These days include a guest speaker (not usually a lender) as well as a current topic from me, your mentor, and an “Around The Grounds” report from each Mentee telling us what has happened in the previous month and any challenges or learnings they have had. Scenarios are also discussed at this time.

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